Active Projects & Priorities

Active Projects

  1. National Droughts Recovery Project
  2. Somaliland Deaf Youth Education Project
  3. Burao-Erigavo Road Construction Project
  4. Hargeisa-Sallahley Road Construction Project
  5. Hargeisa-Elsheikh Road Construction Project
  6. Burao-Odweine-Hargeisa Road Construction Projects
  7. Call for Urgent Humanitarian Support
  8. Other projects

Burao-Erigavo Road particularly starting from Ina-afmadoobe to Erigavo is 300kms road linking Ina-afmadoobe settlement of 60km east of Burao to Erigavo, capital city of Sanaag region which is the largest region in Somaliland being 5400 square kilometres. The region has long been isolated not only from Burao but the whole rest of Somaliland due to the lack of road accessibility. The largest portion of the region, outside the coastal area is characterized by an altitude of more than 7,927 ft above the sea level, and has the highest cliff of the country called Surrad. The construction of  Burao-Erigavo road project is for upgrading of 300km road from earth to bitumen standard including culverts and bridges. The Somaliland president Hon.Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo laid the corner stone for the construction of this road on 16 September 2013. The Government of Somaliland through its’ roads authority is funding 100km of this road while the Somaliland communities both in the country and the Diaspora is to contribute the rest of the funding to successfully complete the remaining 200km of the road. Somaliland Road Authorities (RDA) purchased different types of the heavy machinery and road equipments from China in 2014.



Hargeisa-Salahley Road is 58km connecting Hargeisa to the large district of  Salahley with over 30 agro-pastoral and pastoral settlements in the south of Hargeisa. It has importance not only for the socioeconomic development of the population in this district but also for larger population of Somaliland living on the border settlements and in Ethiopia who are closely linked to Hargeisa markets. Of all the community cost sharing roads projects, Hargeisa-Salahley road construction has proved highly speedy and particularly this is because the bravery role of the businessman Omer Aidid  from Somaliland Diaspora in Djibouti who at first contributed  $1.4 million of  cash for the workforce and fuel and all the necessary heavy machinery resources required for the project. The project is for upgrading this 58km road from earth to bitumen standard including culverts and small bridges.  So far, about 35km of the road is well constructed mostly with the local community contribution, Diaspora groups and also Somaliland government for 10km. The project started in 2012.


Hargeisa-Elsheikh Road  is 125km which is linking Hargeisa to the coastal and sub-coastal areas below the Golis Mountains of Bulahar, Elsheikh, Lughaya and all the way to Zeila and Selel region. It is one of the community initiated cost sharing projects which is underway. The project is to upgrade the road from earth to bitumen standard including culverts and bridges. So far, the including Diaspora communities contributed to the construction of 5km long while the government supported 2km of the road. The project started in 2010.  Somaliland Diaspora particularly in Europe and Arab States generously contributed to the so far done construction of this road especially on the hardest rocky area crossing the Golis range. It used to cause many accidents and two transports could not cross each other before but it is well enlarged, constructed and paved in 4km.


Burao-Odweine-Hargeisa Road of 180km is one of the community initiated cost sharing projects linking large pastoral and agro-pastoral settlements and populated districts to the urban areas and the major cities of Hargeisa and Burao; and facilitating the commercial and social communication and transportation means as this road will be shorter than the current main road between Hargeisa and Burao. This project is for upgrading 180km road from earth to bitumen standard including culverts and bridges. So far, the community contributed to the construction of 10km and the government 5km of the road. The project started in 2013.